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Opatija is on of the most classy and elegant towns in Croatia. Its called the Queen of Tourism, since it is a popular destination since 1844. Colorful villas, crystal blue see and woods of green and aromatic pine trees.


Explore the History of Tourism in Opatija.

Opatija is surrounded by the blue Kvarner bay and green nature park Učka. Therefore, for the last 200 years Opatija is inspiring all that cherish natural beauty, elegance and style. With its clean sea and fragrant air, the wide variety of lush vegetation, thermal waters and curative mud, it has become a cradle of health tourism in Croatia. Due to astonishing architecture and scenic coastline Opatija is known also as the Adriatic Nice. 

Hotel Paris is situated in the very heart of Opatija, surrounded by majestic Austro-Hungarian buildings and beautiful parks. With its ideal location all the sights are just a few steps away. In each direction you are heading you will find endless opportunities for a lovely walk and beautiful Mediterranean scenery, accompanied by the fragrance of pine trees and pure sea.

Things to enjoy.
Trust us, there are plenty.

But whatever you do, don’t miss out our



Lungomare Promenade

The coastal pathway that stretches from Opatija to Volosko is 12 kilometers long and provides an opportunity explore and enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean landscape.


Cafés confectionery in the city centre

Opatija was classy and popular holiday destination for aristocracy in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Since then it is known by tradition of cafés and confectionaries with Viennese atmosphere with the greatest pastries, cakes and coffee.


Park Angiolina, Villa Angiolina

With a great variety of plant species from different parts of the world, this park it’s called also the “green heart of Opatija”. On the lovely stroll you will also admire Vila Angioline, the cradle of tourism in Opatija.


Nature Park Učka

Nature Park Učka is an ideal place to spend the day in nature. Hike will reward you with an amazing view both on the top and on the way. Don’t miss out the “Slap” trail and its beautiful waterfall.


Maiden with the Seagull

Divine sculpture of a girl up above the sea is also known as Symbol of Opatija. It catches the eye of every person walking by.

Who are you in Paris?

Choose your perfect way to spent the day

Romantic charmer

  • Start your day with a tasty breakfast in bed.
  • Spend the relaxing day on the beach Slatina.
  • Savor exquisite early dinner in the à la cart restaurant Butter&Salt.
  • Enjoy pure romantics on the sunset walk on the Lungomare promenade

Chic diva

  • Enjoy delicious breakfast inspired by French delicacies
  • Pamper yourself with Sun tanning on the chic Lido beach
  • Order champagne and cake in one of the classiest traditional cafes in the center of Opatija
  • Take a shopping stroll through the city
  • Relax with spa retreat with different saunas and full-body massage
  • Conclude the day with dinner in the à la cart restaurant Butter&Salt with specially selected wine pairing.

Night bird

  • Start the nigh with dinner in the à la cart restaurant Butter&Salt with specially selected wine pairing
  • Experience a special night in the Casino experience live games and slot machines.
  • We will take care of your late breakfast in bed
  • Rejuvenate your body with a morning massage

Nature lover

  • Begin with an early breakfast full of local and French delicacies
  • Hike to natural park Učka with a beautiful the “Slap” trail
  • Swim in to the colorful sunset in the Adriatic sea
  • Relax at the spa retreat with different saunas and full-body massage

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Zagreb – 2h,
Rijeka – 20 min,
Ljubljana – 1,5 h

Ul. Vladimira Nazora 1, 51410, Opatija