Let luck find you in our casino in Opatija

Immerse yourself in the attractions of the night in Opatija. From roulette, poker and blackjack to slot machines, the casino in the Hotel Paris has it all!

Bet on your colour

When the sun sets, the colourful casino lights invite you to unleash your daring side. Bet on your favourite colour and challenge fortune to come your way!

Casino Happy Hour

Happy Hour is on Mondays and Thursdays from 8 pm to midnight. A certain percentage of players’ stakes is collected into a jackpot, and that jackpot is paid out during this time. The amount is not fixed, as it depends on how much is played on other days.


American roulette, blackjack, Texas hold ‘em poker, Paris hold ‘em poker and cash games. Slot machines. Bar.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!

American roulette

The rules of roulette are simple. Roulette chips are of different colours to distinguish the players. The value of your chips is determined by buying a stack or a colour at the table. A new game starts with the croupier calling the players to place bets and with each new spin of the wheel.

Minimum bets: 2
Maximum bets: 50


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. The object of the game is to beat the dealer. Try to make your card total higher than that of the dealer’s hand, but not exceeding 21. A player whose card total exceeds 21 automatically loses the bet.

Minimum bets: 5
Maximum bets: 100

Texas hold 'em poker live cash game

This game is played on a special table for a maximum of 10 players. In Texas hold ’em, players compete for an amount of money or chips staked by the players themselves, which is called the pot. Since the cards are dealt after being thoroughly shuffled, they are beyond the control of the players, which means the players determine the amount of money in the pot according to the cards they have in that hand.

Blinds by arrangement

Paris hold 'em poker

In Paris hold ’em poker, players can only increase their bet once, but they can decide when to do it. Each game starts when the players place a bet (‘ANTE’) on their box and automatically place a ‘BLIND’ bet of the same amount. The minimum and maximum bets depend on the table. Any player who places an ANTE and a BLIND bet can also place a bonus bet on a TRIS.

Minimum bets: 5
Maximum bets: 100

Slot machines

Number of slot machines: 77
Electronic roulette with [8] playing spots

Minimum bets: 0.10 for a full number
Maximum bets: 30 for a full number
Minimum bets: 0.01 for a game
Maximum bets: 50 for a game

Electronic roulette

Similar to the traditional game, electronic roulette has some unique features. The virtual layout is duplicated on every screen, and the game is fully automated, with messages appearing on your screen to lead you through the flow of the game. The results are displayed simultaneously on each player’s computer and the big screen. If you win, your account will be credited automatically. If you want to leave the game, click the ‘Pay’ button to collect your winnings.

working hours

Slot machines
8 am – 6 pm

Live game
8 pm – 4 am

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Have fun!

We are committed to promoting responsible gaming. We want everyone who plays at our casino to be there for the right reason – to simply have fun.

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